Ode to trouble

29th of August, 2018
Guest apartment of Hordaland Art Center, Bergen, Norway.
Exhibition map

As my body was trying to cope with three new alien drugs introduced to its ecosystem, the bottom of my feet and the palms of my hands turned sweaty in the afternoons.

Immersed in sine waves I would place my hand on the varnished black wooden coffee table for a moment. Then lift it and look at the humid pattern formed under my palm and look at the moist figure evaporating.

My mind was numb and my body vibrated, I bit my lip, to hold on to myself.

“it’s early”

“it’s not late



Jenny Kalliokulju, The other Gongyla, 2018

Mathijs van Geest, When did you think to mention, 2017
warning stickers without warning

Lulou Margarine, Time of Day, 2017
photographs, human oils

Kaspars Groševs, Untitled, 2017
latex, acrylic paint

Antanas Gerlikas, Drawings, 1995
pencil on paper

Jenine Marsh, Kneading Wheel (# 3), 2018
steel, train-pressed coins of various currencies, glue

Bjørn Mortensen, Wallpot, 2017
glazed stoneware

Jenine Marsh, coins and tokens, 2016-18
open series of train-pressed coins

Tony Chrenka, Untitled (offer of two instead of one), 2016
prescription contact lenses, hand blown glass

Laura Kaminskaitė, What is the weather forecast for our next conversation?, 2017
ink on paper

Laura Kaminskaitė, Abstract Thinker, 2015
A4 paper and ink
larger image

Mathijs van Geest, Escaped optimism, 2017
felt that faced the horizon, felt that faced the sky, buttons

Cato Løland, Events (Purple), 2016

Maija Luutonen, untitled, 2018
acrylic on paper

Ragna Sverresdotter Haugstad, Something Heavy on Something Light, 2014
casted iron, foam

Jaakko Pallasvuo, Drawings, 2018
gouache, ink and pen on paper

Veronika Neukirch (facilitated by Scott Elliott), Artifact, 2018

Paul Pascal Theriault, Instagram video stories, 2018
video, dur. 27 ́00